Ink wash painting of tomatoes and pears using Iroshizuku Kosumosu ink and hot press watercolor paper. Ink wash painting of tape measure and descriptive calligraphy: Ink wash painting of cypress tree in lighthouse field on cold press watercolor paper by artist Julia van der Wyk

My name is Julia van der Wyk, and I teach an ink wash painting class at the San Francisco International Pen Show.

In my ink wash painting class, you will learn brush and ink techniques to explore the depth and range of your favorite inks! Students will practice brush handling, experiment with water and paper, and create an art piece in this hands-on workshop. Bring an object for still life, or paint from memory and imagination.

Materials Kit included in class fee:

Paintbrush, ink, water-tight ink containers, watercolor papers, cotton pads

Sunday August 27, 2023 1pm-3pm
Class tuition is $85, limit 15 students

Pen show entry fee is separate from class tuition.

Sign-ups for 2023 classes are ready!

I am excited to be offering two classes this year. I have a new website just for them, Sign up directly at that link!

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Artist Julia van der Wyk paints en plein air at Quail Hollow Ranch in Felton, California

About Me

I attached to pen and ink media early on in life, becoming enamored of Pelikan drawing inks in grade school (the Pelican logo! the umlauts!) and the world of dip calligraphy nibs and the Speedball lettering handbook.

My university degree is from UCSC in Fine Art Printmaking and Painting. During that time I took a class in chinese calligraphy from calligraphy master Wang Dongling which brought back my original love of brush and ink, and has influenced my approach to art and making since.

In 2011 I started to participate in the fountain pen community, largely online. In 2015 I attended my first pen show, where I was able to meet Internet friends, proprietors and makers in person. I am very pleased to offer a class in ink wash painting to my beloved fountain pen community. My hope is that this content will enhance and complement the show experience, and bring the joy of brush and ink to all who attend. More information about the show can be found at . I look forward to seeing you there!

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